Dawn Cronin

San Francisco, CA

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site!

I have a background in mechanical engineering and robotics and I spend my free time skiing, running and eating.


Blue Square Live Project

React/Redux App with Rails API

  • App for browsing and saving ski resorts using google maps api
  • Rails backend for saving user data to postgreSQL and authorizing JWT tokens
  • Redux for maintaining current user information across the application
  • Photo storage on Google Cloud Services and integration with active storage on Rails

Impressionable Live Project

Javascript with Rails Backend

  • Single page social media web app to share audio impressions of famous quotes
  • Set up a rails RESTful API with active storage and PostgreSQL to store user data and audio files
  • Used the Web Audio API to record, save, and play audio impressions using javascript

RoastNToast Live Project

React App with Rails backend

  • React app with react routes where users can upload pictures and post comments
  • Used JWT with rails for user authentication, and postgreSQL for storing user data

WikiFriends Live Project

Full Ruby on Rails

  • Social media-ized wikipedia, users can login, search wikipediaAPI, comment and like articles
  • Implemented authentication for users, and persisted data between sessions using SQLite


Email: dawncronin7@gmail.com