Full Stack Software Engineer

Located in Redmond, WA

About Me

I have always wanted to learn everything about anything, and I decided I want anything to be the endless space of software engineering. Software engineering has been on my mind since high school - I wanted to be an engineer to solve problems and create new things. In college, I chose to major in mechanical engineering to work on robots. I led a combat robotics team during my 4 years, and found that I enjoyed the software and automation side of robotics. Since then, I’ve been figuring out a path into software engineering.

Dawn's blue and purple combat robot

I took an unconventional route after college, choosing to experience the work force outside of engineering. I wasn’t sure where my career was heading, but I decided working as a recruiter would help me gain perspective on the technical industry as a whole. My favorite part of being a recruiter was talking to engineers all day about their careers and current projects. Recruiting for over a year brought my fascination back to software engineering, and I had finally saved enough money to continue the pursuit of software in a bootcamp.

Dawn's blue and purple combat robot

Through Flatiron School and my own projects, I’ve built full-stack applications in Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, and Node.js. I’ve worked with multiple database technologies, and I have created secure user authorization. My projects are all hosted on Heroku, and the code bases are public on my github. I continue everyday to learn new concepts that can be transferred to any tech stack. I'm currently looking for a full-time job, internship or project and I am available immediately.


Blue Square Live Project

React/Redux App with Rails API

Spoiled Gift Registry Live Project

React/Redux App with Node/Express/MongoDB

Impressionable Live Project

Javascript with Rails Backend

Tic Tac React Live Project

React with Typescript

TypeScript User Searcher Live Project

React With Typescript

Real Time Chat App Live Project

Node Application

RoastNToast Live Project

React App with Rails backend

WikiFriends Live Project

Full Ruby on Rails


Email: dawncronin7@gmail.com

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